This spark of the ancestral flame, which I have brought to the land of the stranger, is now burning brightly.

Malidoma Patrice Somé


“Spark of Fire”

Remembering Our Connection with the Ancestors

A 3-Day Intensive with

Elder Malidoma Somé

During this experiential, 3-Day intensive, participants will journey into and through Dagara wisdom- remembering that we are, each of us, going somewhere purposeful in life. Through the healing interaction of ritual within community~ we will access powerful, ancient and indigenous wisdom & technologies that will assist us as we go forward.


~Fire Ritual~

“The way to move to a productive understanding of and relationship with fire is through ritual, where fire is experienced not as a combustive fire, but as a warm, comforting, and loving fire connecting us to the ancestors in the Other World. At the core of the fire ritual is the indigenous belief that each person is born with a purpose, and that this purpose was presented to the council of the ancestors in the Spirit World for approval prior to each person’s journey to Earth. We come into the world in order to bring to completion that very plan which, as we are born into this side of reality, became our reason for human life. In order to fulfill our purpose, we need the driving force of fire, just as a vehicle needs fuel to reach its destination.

Two things here are at work. We must remember what we came here to do, and we must have a community that knows and remembers our purpose and supports it fully. We do not want a community that tells us what it thinks we should do, but a community that unconditionally provides for us in a manner that allows us to accept our responsibilities and realize the life of our purpose.” -Malidoma Somé

*Join us as we show up with dedication, devotion and priestly commitment for the sustenance and continuity of life.*Come and sit in sacred space with Elder Malidoma Somé to align even deeper with your inner frequencies and your Ancestors during this powerful ritual wherewe will honor and connect with those who have gone before.~~This will be a powerful co-creation with Malidoma within community. We invite you to search within to see if you will join us in this experiential healing opportunity.   Please see  LINK HERE     for Details/Registration.

Malidoma Patrice Somé, Phd., West African Elder, world-renowned author and teacher, came to the West to share the ancient wisdom, technologies and practices which have supported his people for thousands of years.

"We can look to water as an indicator of the health of the planet because water will be the first to respond."

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Private Divinations

Gain greater clarity about the gifts you bring to the world.

Community Rituals

Experience the healing power of nature & community.

Keynote Speaker

Malidoma offers indigenous wisdom for the modern world.

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Elder Malidoma's Books & Writings

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AVIELA, Inc., meaning in Dagara, “It is all good and well intentioned”,  is a 501 (c) (3), created to offer us the opportunity to express our gratitude to the elders and diviners, the healers and shamans of West Africa, who have been so generous with their time, knowledge, and dedication to the ancestors.  In supporting Elder Malidoma’s work in the West, they have often dedicated their time and energy without any compensation or acknowledgement. 

Your gift to AVIELA, combined with your vision of healing intention, can become the alchemic medicine that perpetuates healing for individuals, communities, societies and the world.


Malidoma's indigenous wisdom is shared across many channels and media, within universities and colleges, private and public organizations, radio and print. Below is a curated set of recordings on YouTube featuring Malidoma's teachings. Enjoy!