Community Grief Ritual~ Ontario, Canada: July 3-July 5, 2017

Mar 29


~Our Need to Grieve~

Grief is felt every time something contradicts our sense of humanity, separating us from our sense of identity; it is a dramatic event creating a crisis of the soul requiring reconciliation.  Emotion is the most natural response and grieving has the same profound strength that love holds, in its shadow side. We are, however, conditioned to suppress and repress these powerful emotions and hold a stiff upper lip through adversity and pain. We have been told that time heals all wounds, and yet we carry a heaviness of heart. It is as though the grief holds us back from experiencing the lightness of spirit and our degree of participation in life.

Grieving vents the soul – it is not to be confused with weakness or vulnerability. Emotions are collective and affect those within our community, much as a smile can bring warmth to another, grief can bring sadness to another within that community. Grief is released as layers of loss, requiring a lot of energy. One member of your community can trigger suppressed grief within you hence, the community contributes to your process.
Grief is seen as the food for the psyche. Just as the body needs food, the psyche needs grief to maintain its own healthy balance. Holding back unexpressed emotion and tears is like a time bomb; both dangerous to ourselves and to the world around us.


Many of us have reservations about connecting on a deep, emotional level as we have been immersed in a society of logic and reason, yet we truly need to look at what we are LOSING IN OUR LIFE when we choose not to grieve. Emotions sit within our bodies on a cellular level and this can now be mapped with incredible precision. Our bodies require the freedom of flow within; not just the physical flow of oxygen, nutrients and blood but also energetically. When a blockage remains within a region of the body for extended periods, it impedes the natural flow, becomes toxic, and creates disharmony/imbalances of mind and disease of the body.

Dr. Malidoma Somé, Dagara Elder, author and international spokesman, travels internationally teaching the wisdom and healing of his community. He expresses that “grief is a community problem because the person who is sick belongs to the entire community. Just as the wound on your leg cannot be approached as the leg’s problem alone, but must be treated as a problem for the entire body, a person in the village who is sick with grief, sickens the rest of the village.”

We are at a critical juncture in our evolution, it requires full out participation to feel the freedom of mind, body and spirit again.

Join us in releasing our grief in a community-supported environment led by Dr. Malidoma Somé. 


Join us for a

3-day Community Grief Ritual

July 3rd – July 5th, 2017

House in the Woods, 8118 Iona Road
Fingal, ON

  • Morning meditations
  • Hearty vegetarian meals provided with ample snacks for nourishment throughout day.
  • Ritual in a safe and supported community to encourage you to let go of the repressed grief emotions.
  • Daily gatherings to understand the process, share our experiences and hear teachings from Dr. Malidoma Somé.
  • 3-days immersion in beautiful, private land in the country providing our nourishment of mind and body. Ample time to explore nature privately, make new friends, journal or rest and restore.
  • Deep healing and closure; it is in letting go that we restore and reset our psyches to that natural balance again.

We all need to grieve and this is a potent and powerful opportunity to experience freedom from our pains. 

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