Asheville, NC: A Gathering of Men: 4-Day Ritual Intensive with Malidoma Somé: August 31st- September 3rd

Jan 27

-A Gathering of Men with Malidoma Somé-

4-Day Men’s Ritual Intensive

“Men of Spirit Moving Forward Together”

August 31st  – September 3rd, 2017 

Asheville, NC

During this 4-Day ritual intensive, men will join together in brotherhood to journey into and through ancient indigenous Dagara wisdom- remembering that we are, each of us, going somewhere purposeful in life. Through the healing interaction of ritual with men in community~ combined with the power of indigenous technologies,  there will be an opportunity to open ourselves to the release and reconciliation of those thoughts, emotions, issues, obstacles and energies- that have created a numbness, tension, or paralysis for us. Through this process, we will invite and allow the life force and strength of our Purpose and Gift to, once again, flow through us- unobstructed.


Such a Gathering/Ritual Weekend is appropriate for any man who, for whatever reason, and in whatever way in life: is hearing the call and moving foreward into the world- embracing ever deeper his Purpose and Gift even as he maneuvers transitions, introspection or questioning; experiences feelings of apathy, loss, or anger; grief; trauma from the past that continues to impact the present; and is aware of deep feelings regarding the state of affairs in one’s personal life, culture or planetary state.

In the midst of all the beginnings and endings within his stations of life: marriage, birth, death, divorce, illness, family situations, issues with children- he receives acknowledgment, support and affirmation from the brotherhood of men who travel beside him.


As we move foreward on our chosen path, let us remember- and experience together- that we do not walk alone.
As we remember and embody the innate power that lies within us, let us continue to allow & receive support from both this world, and the Otherworld, as we deepen the embodiment of our Purpose & Gift and move forward.

We will gather together amidst the blue ridge mountains of North Carolina- located just 12 miles NW of Asheville, NC. On-site Lodging options include camping or indoor accommodations (first come first serve for limited # of private rooms, shared rooms and beds). Seven Meals will be provided for you onsite, or you may choose to bring your own food.

Tuition for this 4-day Men’s Intensive with Elder Malidoma depends on your preferences for lodging & meals, and the date that  you Register with your Application and Deposit.


The Tuition Fee for this 4-Day Intensive ranges from:

EARLY Registration (register with your Application & non-refundable $300 deposit by July 10th) =$615- $825 or

REGULAR Registration (register with your Application & non-refundable $300 deposit between July 11th and August 8th)=$665-$875 or

LATE Registration (register with you Application & non-refundable $300 deposit after August 8th)= $715-$925

For additional information and/or to receive your Application,  e-mail 


* In order to welcome men who cannot attend
the entire 4-day intesive –
or may not have the funding
for the entire program
we are opening up another option for your consideration:

Men’s Day-long Ritual Intensive
Saturday, September 2nd
12:30pm – 10pm

(bring your own dinner,
or purchase onsite dinner for $15)

For Details/Application contact


Venue: Brittany’s Mountain Retreat~  Asheville, North Carolina