ONLINE: Private Divinations with Malidoma Somé

Sep 04


Private Divination with Elder Malidoma

April 16 -17 2020

Malidoma will be offering private divination sessions ONLINE

Experiencing a personal divination with Malidoma is a beautiful, empowering and healing manifestation of Spirit. It is an opportunity to hear direction from the realm of the Ancestors and to connect, more deeply, with what you know “in your bones”.

Elder Malidoma utilizes cowry shell divination for his sessions. You will be asked to share your intention for the divination at this time.  Elder Malidoma will then spread a pile of shells, bones, stones, and other implements on a special “divination cloth”. This spread is what Elder Malidoma will read and interpret to bring a message about your life and purpose for being on the planet at this time.
The message will also be about finding balance with the Elemental Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, Nature and Mineral and increasing your Alignment with your Gift & Purpose at this time.

To schedule your session with Elder Malidoma and/or receive additional details,

please e-mail

Fee: $350  U.S. dollars

(prepaid, non-transferable & nonrefundable)