Indigenous African Spirit Technologies: 5-Session Ritual Program

May 27

An Introduction Into a Dagara-Inspired Way Of Walking on the Earth

A note from Elder Malidoma :

The time for a vigorous act of devotion to, and embracing of the wisdom of indigenous Africa has come. After centuries of silence and in hiding, the powers and wisdom of the ancestors are rising up to lead the world into the next level of consciousness and spirituality. As we know, the continent is not just the birthplace of mankind, it is also the repository of profound unseen powers and technologies on standby to contribute to a radical healing change much needed in the world today. This calls for some militant initiative on the part of those in whose heart ancient Africa speaks, to check in for this exciting and compelling journey home where they can expect to find how much of the old in them has been waiting to burst in service of the world’s need to heal and to transform. This training is offered in response to that call.

Designed for those raised in cultures with a high dose of militantism who want to serve the purpose of this new era, this multi-part program is being created to lay the groundwork, deeply and personally, for a leap into the magical and spiritual technological legacies of our ancestors. Grounded in radical exploration of the elements of cosmology, Fire, Water, Earth, Nature, and Mineral, this program aims at enriching our working relationships with them in order to anchor ourselves more fully in this world and to be of greater service to all living beings. We will create, experience and learn to provide for others, ritual involving each element and its healing properties, thus fostering healing for ourselves, others, and our communities.

In addition, through the rituals of Ancestralizaton, we will manifest a response to our own desire for a deeper understanding of and more intimate daily interaction with the ancestors, those who have left the visible earth plane and now carry the responsibility to monitor our growth from the spirit world as we meet our duties in this world.

In our gatherings we will learn the basic skills of Creating Ritual, in the style designed by Elder Malidoma for individuals in the western world. We will create both individual and community ritual based on the needs of each group.

We will explore the art and science of creating Indigenous Devices of Protection and the practical applications of these ancient representations of hidden power and protection. We will learn to apply these creative skills in our work with others who seek deeper meaning in their lives.

We will create ritual experiences which will address the particular needs of our growing community, embracing such issues as health, abundance, grief, growth.

The Format

We will meet two/three times, yearly, for a minimum of five sessions, total. Our gatherings will begin on Wednesday evening, with supper, and conclude by noon on Sunday. Participants are expected to commit to the entire program~ attending all sessions.  To commit to beginning is to commit to completion.

Please contact our office to be added to our email list. To see when upcoming Indigenous African Spirit Technologies program will be held, please see the calendar on our webpage.

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