The Legacy of Elder Malidoma Patrice Somé​

This spark of the ancestral flame, which I have brought to the land of the stranger, is now burning brightly.

Malidoma Patrice Somé

​Please Note:

It has come to our attention that there is a need for clarity with respect to Elder Malidoma's website and social media accounts. 

 The website and Elder Malidoma's social media accounts are being managed by Theresa Sykes, on behalf of the estate of Patrice Malidoma Somé until it is legally determined who will be named successor of these specific responsibilities.

In his Last Will and Testament, Elder Malidoma named Theresa as the Legal Guardian of Elder Malidoma's daughters and the Personal Representative of his estate and business.

Since his departure, Theresa has been following through with all of the requests that were given to her, directly, by Elder Malidoma himself and as directed in the Last Will and Testament.

 Theresa has been a part of Elder Malidoma's family since 2009 and worked closely with his wife Ruta Malidoma Somé during the times that Ruta assisted in the co-creation of programs with her husband. Over the years, she became a friend and confidant for Ruta. After Ruta's death in 2016, Theresa was asked by Elder Malidoma to provide the Eulogy for Ruta at Ruta's funeral which she did. Theresa was also asked to care for their children during the years that followed when Elder Malidoma needed to travel for work. During those years, Theresa lived at their home when needed for support.

Theresa has worked with Elder Malidoma since 2003 & has co-facilitated programs, trainings, intensives and journeys to his homeland with Elder Malidoma. It was during 2016 that Theresa was asked to manage Elder Malidoma's office and business. Since 2016, she has worked by his side as colleague, friend, and confidant. Since 2016, she has managed his website, social media accounts; organized all of his programs, trainings and divinations for him worldwide and co-facilitated all of the programs, trainings and intensives with him that were held at the Ancestral Events facility since 2004.

She was initiated as an Elder in the Dagara Tradition by Elder Malidoma in 2009 and has received direct training with him since 2003.  On August 28th of 2021 Elder Malidoma returned from a visit to Burkina Faso and she met him at the airport,  took him to his home and then transported him directly to the emergency room where he was immediately admitted to ICU.  During the final 3 months of Elder Malidoma's life on Earth, Theresa stayed by Elder Malidoma's side 24 hours a day. She stayed at his home with him and his daughters, transported him to all doctor's appointments, spent weeks with him living in the ICU at various hospitals, traveled with him as he requested, and stepped in, as needed, to facilitate the programs on his behalf when he needed to rest.  Theresa was with Elder Malidoma and his daughters as he crossed into the realm of the Ancestors on December 9th, 2021. At his request, she arranged for his body to be transported to the land of his Ancestors where his childhood family  resides and where he could be laid in the Earth on the continent where his grandfather, father and mother are.

At this juncture, Theresa will continue to move forward with care for Elder Malidoma's estate and his business as the court decisions determine..

When  it is indicated by the court that it is no longer necessary for Theresa to deploy the specific responsibilities as described in Elder Malidoma's Last Will & Testament;  she will support the court-determined heirs (L. Somé, P. Somé, F. Somé) with respect to these responsibilities as indicated by the court's decisions and directives.

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Elder Malidoma Somé

​January 30, 1956 - December 9, 2021


Medicine Man












Patrice Malidoma Somé

January 30, 1956 - December 9, 2021

Elder Malidoma

completed his most recent Initiation on Thursday, December 9th, 2021. During the final 3 months, Elder Malidoma moved forward as the Warrior that he is as he faced many unknown territories. I was blessed to be by his side during this time, hold witness and offer support as he journeyed forward. While negotiating the teachings and circumstances of this intense upgrade and initiatory process- he was adamant that he would continue to meet with his students in person for as long as he was able.....and he did so. In the midst of his traversing the multi-dimensions for healing, we also traveled to Colorado and to Asheville for many programs between his medical appointments and rituals. What an inspiration he will always be.....Living his Medicine. During this past few months he deployed an attack unlike any other- against the forces of adversity -and softened into what he has called his "new dispensation". Elder Malidoma has been transported to Dano, Burkina Faso where he has received the traditional funeral rites of his tribe.


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~The Healing Wisdom of Africa~

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~The Healing Wisdom of Africa~ 

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Malidoma Patrice Somé, Phd., (January 30, 1956 - December 9, 2021)  West African Elder, world-renowned author and teacher, came to the West to share the ancient wisdom, technologies and practices which have supported his people for thousands of years.

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