BEYI Reload: Deploying Your BEYI Name- 5 Day Ritual Intensive: October 5-9, 2022: Asheville, NC

Jun 05

BEYI is a traditional Dagara ritual in which one has the rare and unique opportunity to explore, deepen and bring forth one’s purpose, while being seen & supported within community. One is witnessed and honored as they further embody the frequency of their true spiritual name. Each of us, together with our Ancestors, determined why we would incarnate on the Earth at this time.

The BEYI Reload 5-day Ritual Intensive is a 5-day Ritual Immersion that is for those who have already received their BEYI name with Elder Malidoma Somé. This Reload intensive offers those who are yearning to deploy MORE of their purpose, gift & medicine; and step more fully into their leadership & wisdom~ an opportunity to do so with the support of a loving community.

How have you been embodying and living the frequency of your BEYI Name? Have you? How is your signature frequency and divine blueprint birthing forth even more and benefitting your body, mind, emotional stability? Is it? How are you manifesting the deployment of your gift, purpose and medicine in your life and in the world? Are you?

Let us join together and, within a container of support, discernment, and clarity- review how we are unfolding our medicine, gift, and purpose since drinking our BEYI names….amidst the encouragement and the embodiment and sharing of one’s personal medicine.

You will identify where you are allowing blockages (internal & external) and self-sabotage to impede the deployment of what only YOU can deliver.

BEYI Reload is available to any person who has completed the BEYI Ritual with Elder Malidoma and feels their gift, medicine & their purpose pressing from within, ready to expand forth even more into this world.

BEYI Reload offers clarity about oneself, and the gift of leadership that will be offered to one’s family, community and world.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to reach into the realm of ancient wisdom, reconnect with the heart of your soul and your signature frequency, access the wisdom of the origin that resides within your bones; and re-commit to your BEYI Name resonating with the pulse of your purpose for being here at this time.


The Sacred Container for these radical rituals with be guarded by the Dagara Shrines that were installed on the land by Elder Malidoma Somé and Elder Theresa Sykes Brittany.
Elder Theresa and a support staff team that was chosen by Elder Malidoma Somé will be of service to you as the guides through this epic connecting time and ritual intensive.


BEYI Reload 5-day Ritual Intensive: October 5- October 9, 2022 will be held 12 miles NW of Asheville, NC at Ancestral Events/Brittany’s Mountain Retreat. Options for Lodging Onsite include camping, or various indoor accommodations. Meals are provided for you onsite or you may being your own meals and cooler if you prefer.


Wednesday: Arrive anytime after 4pm and before 5:30pm to settle in. We will gather together at 6pm for dinner together and have the Opening Circle after dinner.

Thursday – Saturday: BEYI Reload Ritual Immersion

Sunday: Completion of BEYI Reload Ritual Immersion & Closing Circle will complete by 1pm



Early Registration Deadline is July 5th

Regular Registration between July 6th – September 5th: please add $50 to your total base fees

Late Registration Fee of $100  will be added to those Registrations/Payments that are received after September 5th.

Join us for this powerful experience amidst the beautiful blue-ridge mountains of North Carolina!

To receive additional details and/or your Registration forms, please


~Venue: Brittany’s Mountain Retreat~