Asheville, NC: 5-Day Kontomblé Merger~ Initiation & Divination Training: November 9-13, 2022

Dec 11


Merger & Divination

with Elder Theresa Sykes Brittany & the Kontomblé/Genie Support Staff Team

November 9-13, 2022

Asheville, NC

PREREQUISITE: for this intensive is the Elemental Immersion Ritual Intensive (See Details HERE)
Kontomblé Shrine in Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa

Kontomblé Shrine in Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa

Connecting with the Kontomblé engages us in an ongoing conversation with the Other World. Because these beings are constantly reaching out to us, it is normal to respond; the channel is a two-way road complete with a steady traffic of communication. An active contribution and participation to this two-way road provides us with clarity and comfort in what these Kontomblé people want from us, and allows us to tell them what we need from them.

To do so, we will work within the Kontomblé shrine. Because they need an earthly form to enter into, we must first give it to them in the form and shape they like. We will then spend the night in conversation, a dialogue on wisdom and on inquiries into specific issues that pertain to our lives as healers, and on ways to implement health and abundance.

See this as a confluence that merges this world to the other and celebrates continuity. We will learn how to lend our vocal selves to the other world and how to stay out of the way for them to speak to us and through us; to speak in us and with us. We must be the vessels they need to guide us through.


For those who have been working with the Kontomblé this is a chance to ground your work ever deeper and reconnect with the Kontomblé Village.

For those who are new to working with the Kontomblé, this is your chance to connect directly with the Kontomblé directly.

Please Note:

PREREQUISITE: for this intensive is the Elemental Immersion Ritual Intensive (See Details HERE)

The Sacred Container for these radical rituals with be guarded by the Dagara Shrines that were installed on the land by Elder Malidoma Somé and Elder Theresa Sykes Brittany.
Elder Theresa and a support staff team that was chosen by Elder Malidoma Somé will be of service to you as the guides through this epic connecting time and ritual intensive.


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RELOAD: For those of you who have previously experienced this 5-day intensive with Elder Malidoma- if you are interested in returning to do this powerful work and are eligible to do so–please contact the office for the registration paperwork. We are now offering  a discounted tuition fee for the RELOAD experience.